Main Street USA Minnie Ears to match!

 If you have been following the Minnie Mouse: the Main Attraction collection of 2020, you probably, like me, have a bit too much extra time on your hands and love items themed around different Disney park attractions. 

The year has monthly themes for Minnie in a collection of ears, pins, mugs, and bags. The year kicked off with the Main Street USA limited edition doll and pin set. I was able to procure the doll from a seller on ebay at a reasonable price, luckily I was able to fix the broken stand and un-attached button that I believe made it more affordable. 

Later, I was lucky to get the Carousel-themed ears, but was disappointed to see that Main Street USA, probably my favorite location in Walt Disney World, didn't have any ears in that collection. 

I decided to remedy that for my own collection of ears (a very small collection) using the rose-gold ears I got on ebay for $12. They were an impulse buy in that I couldn't believe they were that cheap! But, I am not exactly someone who wears a lot of pink, so they weren't my favorite by any means. After a trip to the fabric store (and some settling on velour instead fo the elusive velvet), I got to work

I traced out the shape onto cardboard and painted the buildings with fabric paint. All of the sequins made for an unpleasant texture under the light blue satin, so all the ears were covered in a velour. I made a bow to match her top with the navy velour and white ruffle trim ribbon. I did actually sew it with a red thread, but the fabric is too fluffy to see that detail. Lastly, I added the rhinestones to mimic the ones on her skirt. 

Not 100% accurate, and lots of hot glue fixing and still a bit lumpy overall, but I'm SUPER happy to actually have a matching set now!


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