Laundry Cart

Another quarantine project was to organize my laundry room. The size of the room left a perfect 14 inches between the wall and the washer, and for 2 years I had searched for a shelving unit or cart that would fit in that space to hold detergents and cleaning supplies. 

With some excess wood from a fallen barn, I finally had some free materials to create exactly what I needed. I had a yellow wire crate sitting in a corner and some plastic organizational bins. The final paint color is even some leftover from my office wall repaint. The only thing I believe I bought was some caster wheels and screws long enough to hold this super-dense wood together. 

The final piece is rough (in the sense that it isn't professional...I did sand it quite a bit), but I really could not have found a piece like this in stores that is perfectly built to fit in that spot.


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