Quite an improvement...

I did a screen-printing project in college based on some new art that was going around and one of my favorite movies at the time. TBH, looking at it now, I don't know how the teachers allowed this in my senior show. Looking at it again, I tried to find some of the good qualities, and mainly found a couple small details alluding to specific plot points and a few decent choices made in the composition.

Taking these few good ideas along with me, I decided to re-illustrate the characters, since I know I've improved since then. Almost 8 years ago, with a lot of practice, I am proud to say that even if it is still not perfect, there are obvious improvements. My favorite bit may be the lettering at the top; I enjoyed looking up artwork and advertising from around the time the story is supposed to be set. Although, how could Michael Caine not also be a favorite? At least the likenesses seems to be at least slightly improved.

Goes to show, practice may not make perfect, but it will surely have dramatic results with that much time and effort.


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