Pig in Princess Dresses

My nieces love to dress up in their favorite princess dresses, and they love their stuffed animals. One thing they love most of all is dressing up their stuffed animals as princesses. Knowing that, and knowing which princesses they seem to like, I made some fancy clothes for a stuffed animal at my house that is about the same size as their favorite toys. Luckily I already had some pretty scrap material laying around. I was surprised the kinds of detail I was able to achieve with such a small canvas and minimal sewing ability! The stitching on Sleeping Beauty and the puffy sleeves of Snow White are just too cute =)

There is also a beloved Jelly Cat Giraffe that came with a little sundress. She has held up ok to all the love and attention over the year, but her dress just couldn't stand the strain. So, I whipped up a little dress out of some leftover curtain fabric. Gotta say, i wish this was human adult-sized.


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