Christmas snowflakes / gingerbread house REDUX

A relatively new tradition for our family is making gingerbread houses. We are quite the creative bunch and like to outdo what we did before and see what each other comes up with. We do this with Easter egg dye (which I've posted about before) and pumpkin carving. This year, I went with a chicken coop. I really want to make my own in the yard, so this was a bit of a test run. =) I think the gumdrop chickens stole the show, but the raw spaghetti/peanut butter fencing was quite inventive haha!

I also went to my parents' home one day after work right before Christmas to find that my mom, sister, and nieces had not only cut out their own paper holiday shapes but had also prepped paper and scissors for me to make my own creations. It was really fun, and I liked challenging myself to see how much detail I could get while still being able to discern what the shapes were supposed to be. I didn't make all the ones in the photo, but what details can you see? My favorites may be Olaf and the manger scene hidden in a snowflake.


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