China Cabinet Makeover!

I got a free china cabinet from my dad's boss and his wife when they heard I was building a house. Yeah, I sat on this for a while before starting the makeover process. But, can you blame me? I was busy building a house... well, not with my bare hands, but you get it...

So, it sat in my mom's carport for a while, then mine. If you don't already know, furniture with wood veneer doesn't do well in Mississippi's extremely humid climate. This meant that the veneer peeled off, which was ok since I wanted to modernize it and paint it anyway. The only real negative effect was that the beautiful geometric design on the glass panels was warped and had to be removed =(

After several rounds of cleaning, I started with chalk paint, which I had used before on my dining chairs. Let's just say, after this cabinet, I won't be using chalk paint on any more important furniture. I did 3 coats of a deeper gray, and could still see streaks and even wood texture. I finally put an oil-based paint on top. The look is perfect, but heaven help me if anything scratches the paint; that chalk stuff isn't exactly a primer that will grip the surface very well.

Anyway, I'm extremely pleased with the results!


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