Winnie the Pooh painted kid sneakers

Well, my niece turned 2. Since her older sister got some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shoes (that she will be wearing as hand-me-downs) I wanted to paint some special birthday shoes for her that was something she liked, but wasn't the same. Being a younger sister, I understand loving the same things as your sister but still wanting to be an individual. Anyways, she loves watching Winnie the Pooh (especially when Granny lets her hold her phone in the car to stave off falling asleep before nap time), so I knew my theme.

My favorite artwork for Pooh Bear is from the original story books, but the Disney adaptations are a little different (plus, I haven't read the books, but watched the movies and cartoons). The original illustrations have a lot of character, so I wanted to keep that feel, but make them look more like the versions my niece would know. One of the main drawings that came up was the map of the hundred-acre woods. I remember watching the movie and loving all the character's houses, so I did a version of the map around the backs and sides of the shoes updated with the Disney versions of their homes. Gopher's hole wasn't on the map, but I loved him.  It was a way to reference the characters without having to paint them all. It was also nice that the map was kind of splotchy-colored (light colors fading in and out of places), which made it easier to blend into the toe artwork and avoid painting every nook and cranny. I found some very light, watercolor-style illustrations on google for the toe art. I knew I needed Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. These images were too cute not to use, so they made it front and center.


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