Some "Beauty & the Beast" Costume Aprons

Of course I saw Beauty and the Beast like everyone else, but surely I'm not the only one who noticed how gorgeous Belle's wardrobe was... the mix of fabric was inspiring! I actually ordered a bunch of fabric in small quantities inspired by her casual dresses to make a kantha-inspired quilt (I've slowed down on that due to how incredibly BORING all that small stitching is. After I laid out all the pieces I wanted to use, I had enough leftover for something extra.

A full dress is a lot of work and is quick to be grown-out-of, so I opted for some costume-aprons. I made a yellow Belle one once before, but my sewing skills have gotten a lot better since then (not great, but better). I picked a different look for each niece, since I never wanted to wear the same thing as my sister when I was a kid. I did take some liberties adding fabric with a touch of shine to it, but that's mostly because I'm not sure kid's believe it's a princess dress if it doesn't have a little sparkle to it. I even attached a little strip of cheese cloth along the neckline to copy the fabric she has on her dress. Even better than the gorgeous fabric swatches may be the red and white stitching on the blue version, holding down the front piece... such a cool detail.

Below are the inspiration dresses and the final products. If they ever want them to be full dresses for Halloween or something, I think it would be easy enough to finish out since it's just a mix of fabrics anyways. I just need to get some little leggings, a white shirt, and cute little lace-up boots. Ah! Thinking about it make me want to do it now!


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