A Cinderella Christmas (for my niece)

Like I said before, I loved my comfortable Pocahontas princess dress when I was little because it was soft enough to wear every day. My niece's second favorite princess at the time (she has since seen Frozen so I'm not sure anymore) was Cinderella. After the Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty casual dress for her birthday in early December, I wanted to keep it up and make another outfit.

While on vacation, I found a light blue shirt (which I used for the sleeves), a brown boat-neck sweater dress (for most of the top half), and a tan men's shirt (which I gathered at the waist to make bad pleats for the skirt). The under layer was some creamy-beige fabric I had leftover and a layer of glittery tulle underneath, since it isn't a really princess dress without glitter. The apron was just a white handkerchief with a small pocket and the mouse and the faux-patch painted on with fabric paint. The ribbon on top of the apron is sewn around about 75% of the dress, but open at the small of the back. This lets you tie it tighter to fit a bit better. There is also a matching head-scarf that is just a second handkerchief cut and sewn that's able to slide onto a kid's headband. I made it a little too big since she is already big for her age and will undoubtedly grow into it before long.

It was just going to be the Cinderella work dress and maybe a book or a doll. Yet, one day, I was looking through the remnants sale bin at Jo Ann fabric and found this gorgeous blue satiny material. I wouldn't have thought to do the Fairy Godmother if she hadn't been running around the weekend before with a straw tapping everything and saying "bibbidi bobbidi boo!" I dug around the bin a little more and found a pink fabric with glitter embedded and I had the lining. All I had to do was buy the ribbon for the big bow; it is actually sewn to a snap so my sister didn't have to re-tie the bow every time. I'm quite sure that the Fairy Godmother outfit is what gave me tendonitis in my sewing-pedal-foot since I made it in one night... I had never sewn with a satin-y material before, so I tried to sew as little as possible to avoid any snags or pulls. I mostly just built the lining and attached the blue on top with one pass of stitching. It may not hold up forever, but it will do for now. The under-dress is actually an apron. The top is what was left of the shirt I used to make Cinderella's work-dress sleeves and it ties in the back with some of the same ribbon from the neck bow. Overall, it's a bit more of a warm-blue/teal look than the authentic purple-y blue from the movie, but it was a spur of the moment purchase that turned out surprisingly well.


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