Briar Rose Girl's Dress

This is one of the things I had sewn that I said I couldn't post for a while. Well, my niece finally had her birthday party, so I can share the Briar Rose / Aurora / Sleeping Beauty dress that I sewed for her. Well, I sewed most of it... 

I started shopping for a tan sweater and a shirt with a white collar. Sure, I could find the patterns for both, but I wanted it to look like it was well made, and a poorly made sweater is obvious to anyone with working eyes. So, I cut down the sweater arms (to hit about 3/4 length instead of full length) and took the collar off a cheap shirt and stitched it into the neck. I later realized adding this collar took out the elasticity, so I added a keyhole section to the back of the neck with a large metal snap. You can't see it in the photo, but it wouldn't have gone over her head without it. Next, I cut and sewed the black bodice section onto the sweater. The lacing is just a ribbon with some small details and the bulk is just black cotton. Next, I made the skirt; the bottom layer is actually flour sack hand towels with a lacey type of ribbon trim on the bottom. I knew these would be soft but full enough to add some volume to the skirt. I'm glad I went with this instead of all lace; it looks more in line with the cartoon and is guaranteed not to itch. The top layer is just some basic gray cotton. The pleating was done by my mom. She will deny helping if you ask, but my pleating wouldn't have looked nearly as clean. I've done it before on Thor's cape, but 6 feet long pleats can hide imperfections a lot better. Anyways, after that, I stitched the skirt layers together then onto the bottom of the sweater. The last step was to add a ribbon at her waist. There isn't a ribbon or a bow in the movie, but I made this dress to be a little big so she can wear it a while. This ribbon lets you tie the dress a little tighter so it will fit and not just hang off her.

I didn't make the shawl, since it is hard to explain that to a kid sometimes, but I did add a purple ribbon to the basket. One of the three fairies was in the basket along with a headband covered in the same ribbon as the belt. If you do this yourself, please remember to wash all the fabric before hand. I did, hoping that she would like it enough to wear it til it gets dirty. If you don't pre-wash, it may bleed from the black onto the khaki sweater. Also, she is wearing clothes under this dress, in case you can't tell haha. Here, it is winter and she is cold; plus, she likes to wear multiple dresses a day, so having other clothes makes the transition easy and keeps some of the prettier tulle fabric from itching her. 


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