Rey Goggles DIY

My favorite look from The Force Awakens has to be Rey's scavenger look. The goggles made from Stormtrooper lenses tops that whole outfit perfectly, so I wanted to make some to tie onto the staff I already have. I waited til I found some slightly-green tinted cheap sunglasses (walmart $4 aviators) then bought the rest. The base is a masquerade-style blank mask from Michaels. That is covered in gray felt as a base coat; the lenses were then glued to that. The top layer is a tan/white leather from a bag of leather scraps that costs like $6-ish. The straps are leather lacing with pieces of matching leather glued to the sides of the mask (shoegoo is a stronger glue, so I used it here so the straps wouldn't come off, like they would with hot glue). The stitching on top of the leather actually isn't's just brown fabric puff paint, which is way easier than trying to hand-stitch through leather! All of this was weathered with black, brown, and tan acrylic paint. The only thing left to do is attach the flashlight, but I'm going to take my time trying to find some good hardware for that.


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