DIY Disney Park Picture Frame

As anyone who has been to Walt Disney World can attest, there is nothing cheap there. Not that you mind, the magic is worth the money. BUT, when everything is 110% full price, you have to pick and choose what you want to spend your hard-earned money on. This year's picture frame selection wasn't exactly worth cutting into my tshirt or lightsaber budget, even though that was one thing I definitely wanted after this trip. On the drive home, I was a tad disappointed that I wouldn't have something Disney-related to house one of many pics from the trip on my work desk.

Walking around Walmart 3 weeks later, I saw their 4"x6" frame for approximately $2 and thought, "hey, I could buy this and, I don't know, maybe sharpie some Mickey shapes on the frame or something." So I kept it in the car, waiting to find a good sharpie, but actually hoping to come up with a better idea beforehand. Then, last night while cleaning my room, I found my shoulder bag that I used the last few days of our trip to carry the camera, and there was my Animal Kingdom map. I've already covered a guitar in a map, so using a map for decorative purposes is nothing new. Took that baby to work, sprayed it with spray-adhesive, and stuck the frame on. Got a sharp, new xacto blade and trimmed it out. Had a frame within maybe 10 minutes, and one that actually holds some memories from the trip. The map has fold lines from constantly being in and out of my pocket.

Sure, it makes me miss Orlando even more, and I can't wait to go back, but this little guy on my desk will remind me to save money for the next trip. Maybe I'll have a house by then and want a slightly more classy frame for a mantle.


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