How I made Rey's Staff (details)

So I had someone ask me to kind of diagram out where I put all the pieces on Rey's staff. Please understand that this was made right after the film came out, so not a ton of detailed photos were out there. I did the best I could at judging where things were and what they appeared to be. The height is definitely not accurate; still have no clue how tall it should be. I built it to look right next to me the way it looked next to her. (I believe I held one of my arms straight up and cut it off to the wrist.)

Criticize it if you want, but I worked with what I had, which was: a long PVC pipe, craft foam, hot glue, spray paint, a little fabric paint, 2 metal belt loops, a suspender strap, strips of leather, some carbon-fiber-textured contact paper, and spare fabric.

First things first, sand the pipe! Not a ton, but you don't want to glue all this detail on there just to have it peel off 30 minutes after you have finished. Next, I split it into 4 sections so as to easily map out where I wanted everything in relation to how it would fit in a given area. I got a sharpee and just drew out the basic shapes first so I would keep everything in the relative location. There are several areas that you just have to play around with and sample to figure out how it best works for you, like how you want to layer the foam. There are several places where it was just one piece of foam, lots of places had none, and quite a few places are 3 layers thick (especially where it appears to dome or shrink). You can layer thicker hot glue there or put foam, just play around on some scrap pvc beforehand. If you look close at mine, you can see that I glued on the belt loops too late and just stuck on some foam pieces, but they are supposed to go underneath the strips that look to have the button/bolt thing on there.

Please let me know if you have questions or can't read anything. Just line up the letters (B to B, C to C, etc) and good luck! FYI, in the drawing, the darker grey is where it is just PVC pipe and paint... hopefully that shows a good base for you.


  1. Hi, you did a great job making this prop! I was wondering if you would be able to make one and sell it to me? I really want to get Rey's staff for my girlfriend's birthday (I have already bought her the costume so I need the staff to complete it). I already have my Kylo Ren's full costume ready and she has her Rey Costume, we are just missing the staff. We will be attending the premier of Rogue one in our costumes! Hope you can help me please, thanks a lot!

    1. Hey, unfortunately I don't have most of the stuff I used to make this anymore, and I would have to restock a lot of supplies. Also, I don't know how I would even ship it.

      That being said, I would look around on and see what kind of stuff is for sale on there. Buying one from a party place may be too short to look right, but people on Etsy are better with details. They probably have them already made there, too.

      Sorry I'm not much of a help, but let me know if you need any pointers.

    2. Thank you very much for your reply. I have looked around on like you suggested and I have to admit that the staffs that are on sale look very good but they are way beyond my budget.

      In my opinion, the best option for me is your DIY rey staff, it looks awesome and authentic but it is not too expensive. I saved up some money and so far I have bought my girlfriend a costume and the blue lightsaber, the last item I am looking for is the staff so she can attend the premier with me in her full Rey costume. :) The whole thing will be to celebrate her birthday as well so I want to make it perfect for her.

      Anyway, I just want to say thank you. If somehow you can do it for me, I'm willing to pay for it haha.

    3. I'm sorry, I just don't have the time or resources to get it done. I really appreciate being your first choice, but I just make this stuff for my personal collection. Never had a deadline or anything. Good luck, and have fun at the premier.

    4. Your staff looks awesome, I am going to attempt to make it. Is it possible to see the brand of the products you used,or possibly how they look, or where you brought them from?

    5. Hey, that's awesome. There's really no specific brand I use, but I bought the PVC at Lowe's (someone else used a wood dowel and said that also worked well). The rest can be bought from Walmart. If you go to the craft aisle, just get the big pack full of foam sheets that are like 1/4" or 1/8"... the thinner sheets. I think they come in a pack of ten. Sandpaper is there, too. It will guarantee the hot glue (also from walmart) sticks to the plastic better. For the fabric, you can buy a cheap tshirt or some of the smaller fabric samples (if your walmart has a fabric section). The little bit of leather was from Michaels, but you can fake that with brown fabric if you need to. The strap is just half of a suspender I got in the men's clothing section, and the hardware can also be found in the sewing section by buckles and buttons. The brand of spray paint is "PLASTIDIP" and that can be from lowe's too. The only piece that won't be at a common store will be the carbon fiber sticker; I don't remember what brand I got, but you can find it on ebay or amazon. Below is a link to help you see what it looks like; you can buy the black, but I got clear so I could use it on other things, like red Daredevil clubs. Hope this helps!


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