Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - custom sneakers

My niece is obsessed with Mickey Mouse in the most adorable way possible. We are planning a trip to Disney World, and I can't wait to see her face light up when she gets to see mickey's face on an icecream bar or a pancake, when she sees him in the parade, or just getting her own pair of ears. To help out in the preparation for the trip, I wanted to custom-paint some shoes. She loves this show "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," and I have always wanted to see how easy it is to customize a pair of shoes. It went surprisingly well with fabric paint I already owned, although it took a couple coats to hide the snowflakes with the thinner paints. I'm betting it would be much easier on shoes that are my size since hers are TINY. May have to try it someday, if I could ever pick one thing to paint!

Anyways, the show features the clubhouse and all of Mickey's friends. Her favorites are Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy (but I added Pluto for myself). The show also has a train, and I heard she has been really liking trains as of late. There is also a character named "Toodles" who help them pick a tool to solve each problem (I think that's what he does, I don't know the show as well as I should). Anyways, he has a polka-dot pattern that I used for the shoe-tongue and the heel strip. Is it bad that my favorite part is that the shoes came with glittery shoe laces and they ended up still being so cute after I repainted them?


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