Rey's Staff - The Force Awakens - $10 DIY Prop


Yeah, it was roughly $10 out of pocket... $3 pvc pipe, $6 suspenders, $1 craft foam sheet. If you had to buy the paints, glues,buckles, and fabric,  it would still probably only be around $35-ish though. Lucky for me, I have all of that lying around my room at any given time. The carbon-fiber-textured sticker is a special piece that I added to give it a little extra dynamic, but can be done without that.

After seeing the Force Awakens the second time, I made my custom Rey 1/6 scale figure. Sure, the staff for her was made of a broken plastic hanger and some hot glue details painted black, but I saw that it could be pretty simple.

I was actually going to go to Lowe's and get the black-coated galvanized steel pipes, but they were so heavy and I knew that I didn't have the proper equipment to trim it to size without getting dad to find one of his metal saws. I found a $3 PVC pipe that nearly matched the size compared to the photo (using her grip to get a basic idea) and got the height from comparing it to my height. My guess is that Daisy Ridley, like most people, is taller than I am; so, I made it to go with my height instead of an exact measurement of the original prop. It's basically the height of my wrist if I held my arm up straight over my head. After it was trimmed and lightly sanded, I just started drawing out the relative location of certain shapes so I would know how big to make them; really helped because I probably would've gone too big and not had any room for the bottom half haha. After that, it's just basic construction with the craft foam and hot glue. Building up layers for thicker areas and what not... After that, I added the initial metal hardware loops that will hold the strap in place. I also saw one area that was basically ridged and carved into the metal near the fabric grip area; I mocked this basic idea by painting on some light stripes of puff paint. Be sure it is well sanded below there and to be delicate when aging afterwards as this paint tends to easily peel off. With that done, I did 2 base coats of black primer spray paint then a thick layer of black plastidip. It helps seal up any ugly areas and flatten out some rough patches; plus, it feels way better to the hands than just the black spray paint. After that, I added some weathering marks with silver spray paint that I brushed on edges and scrapes by spraying it on a plate and using a bristle brush. Then I dirtied it up with some rust-colored acrylic paint. After that, I added the carbon fiber stickers, which really took it up a notch. Then I hot glued on some strips of fabric and leather on the grip, which I weathered with black and brown watered-down acrylics and the bristle brush. Lastly, I took apart some green suspenders and attached them with larger key-rings; this was also weathered with water and black acrylic.

Looks pretty killer for that cheap, and the PVC keeps it incredibly lightweight!


  1. So I am going to make Rey's staff for a costume!! And I love this post! You made this so simple! I do have a question though! Can you post a picture or something showing where all the foam stickers need to go on the whole staff? Because I can definitely see it in the one picture you posted of the bottom of the staff, but I'd love to see how you did the whole staff and! Awesome post! Thank you so much!

    1. Do you mean like a mapped out drawing or something?

    2. Or even just more close up pictures of your staff would help us out. Yours looks so close to the original it's the best diy rey staff I've seen!!

    3. Oh thanks. I just made a new post with some detailed drawings and up-close photos. Hope this helps out; feel free to ask any questions you have.

    4. Thank you so much! You are awesome! I will check it out right now!

  2. How is the key ring attached to the staff? I see a rectangular part that sticks out but can't figure out how that was made.

    1. Yeah, they were supposed to be done a different way, but I forgot to put them on in the right order...

      How it is supposed to be: There are two loops that have what look to be bolts on top. I think the rectangular belt-loop piece was supposed to run underneath those. What I should have done was use ShoeGoo glue to stick the rectangular piece directly to the pipe then hot glue the bolt-pieces on top/through that to help hold it. I sketched them up that way in the blog post "How I made Rey's Staff (details)"

      How I did it: I cut two little strips of foam and just kind of hot glued them on top of the pieces it was supposed to run under. This was looks worse and is definitely not trustworthy if I were to, say, walk around a con all day with this staff. I would be worried the strain would tear right through that foam. You can probably see it best at the bottom of the second photo.

      Hope this helps at all. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. what is the size/diameter of the PVC pipe?

    1. um, probably between .5 inch and an inch... sorry, I was in the store and looked up a photo of her holding the staff then tried to find one that looked about the same in my hand.

  4. I'm gonna try and use copper color, not sure what color is the original. Do you think I should tones of black?

  5. hmmm you could do a base of black matte finish as the primer then lightly spray copper over that. It would keep it dark but give you the metallic look you are wanting.

  6. Hi, you did a great job making this prop! I was wondering if you would be able to make one and sell it to me? I really want to get Rey's staff for my girlfriend's birthday (I have already bought her the costume so I need the staff to complete it). Hope you can help me please, thanks a lot!

    1. Hey, unfortunately I don't have most of the stuff I used to make this anymore, and I would have to restock a lot of supplies. Also, I don't know how I would even ship it.

      That being said, I would look around on and see what kind of stuff is for sale on there. Buying one from a party place may be too short to look right, but people on Etsy are better with details. They probably have them already made there, too.

      Sorry I'm not much of a help, but let me know if you need any pointers.

  7. Thank you SO much for this tutorial. I used wooden 5/8 inch wooden dowels instead of PVC pipe, but they were the same price. This was incredibly helpful to see so many images, and the staff looks totally legit!

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