Thor Arm Chain Mail

Will metallic puff paint ever cease to amaze me?!? I recently redid the Thor costume pants since the old ones with the duct tape squares were impossible to move in. I tested out a new option for the mail that runs along the outside of the thighs, and it looked so much better that I got a bit of a crazy idea. Since the New Orleans Wizard World is in January, I thought it would be nice to have the normal long-sleeve option that he sports in the movies. Since he wears it with the same outfit for the last scene in AoU at the New Avengers facility, I figured it still technically counts as a cosplay from that movie.

All there is left to do is to tone down the shine/stickiness a bit with a light acrylic wash. That will take it into a warmer grey range that will match the rest of the outfit better (while also cutting down the terrible sound of bending my arms). Probably should have mapped out a base grid, but seeing imperfections reminds me of all the work that went into every square =)


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