Star Lord Vest

Watching the movie, the vest can only be seen in one actual scene of the movie; when Bereet answers Yondu's call and Peter talks to him through like facetime, he's got on the vest and the blue longsleeve he wears with the trench and the leather jacket (the blue shirt in the final scene has a different collar and is made of a different textured fabric). If you aren't looking close, you don't notice that he actually has the vest on under the trench. I only figured it out when I was studying some photos to re-age my trench. Chris Pratt wore the trench for an Entertainment Weekly shoot, which made some good, highres photos with perfect coloring as opposed to watching it on film, which is desaturated. Looked at these photos, looked up at my Marvel Legends action figure, and realized that what I thought to be an interior collar is actually the collar of the vest. Seeing the photos from his trip to the children's hospitals verifies that the two are worn together. Since my trench costume is so precious to me, I decided to go on ebay, find a vest, and add it. The only time you can see the side and back are in the hospital photos, so it's really hard to verify if all the details are right (I see now that some bits and pieces are in the wrong place). Anyway, I am VERY proud of how it turned out; it looked pretty cheap until I got into the weathering process. All of the aging and shadows took it to a whole new level.

This is just the second step in a process of upgrading the initial costume. Now, I'm waiting to get my birthday sewing machine so I can make some better pants (still gotta figure out the holsters build into the pants as opposed to the belt loops I'm using now). I've got a new shirt waiting to be dyed as I type. Also, bought some new LEDs to upgrade the helmet lighting; plus I'm going to coat the helmet with some epoxy to ensure the foam doesn't rip again, don't know if my heart can take that a second time. I have some leftover pleather from the Thor outfit that will be perfect for the back of the boots; I'll need to find some new hardware for that and a new way to put them on. Lastly, I need to upgrade the belt buckle, maybe make it out of a strong plastic base and just sculpt the details onto the top. When all this is complete, the outfit should go from kind of impressive to insanely detailed!

Final shots below, research/process pix under that.



  1. this is awesome don't see much of Star Lords vest but you did great on it !

  2. Awesome work. Where did you find the little bits to add on the vest?


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