Thor Costume Update 6/15/15

Actually got a pretty good bit done this past weekend, but not many pics to show it all off.

The most progress that I achieved this weekend was on the mighty Mjolnir. Sure, mine wasn't forged in the heart of a dying star, but it looks very nice for what it is. And what it is is a toy... I got lucky buying this hammer for my silly Thor costume that I wore to the Avengers opening night showing. It is the right size, unlike all the toy hammers they have made since which are too small and/or full of inaccuracies. Luckily, I just repainted the top and added a sheet of leather to the handle from the craft store; the metal piping on the leather is rough close up since it is just puff paint, but it will work just fine. BUT, since the first movie, Thor's hammer has had quite the makeover at the other the end of the handle. This endpiece caused me a lot of panic, since I had no clue how I was going to tackle it. Considered sculpting it, but I knew that wouldn't be strong enough to hold it by the strap and probably would hold very well with just glue. So, on my normal stroll through Walgreens, I saw a travel size bottle of shaving cream and the cap made me stop in my tracks (haha i sound so dramatic). It was perfect! Hard enough to keep that shape and hold up to paint, yet pliable enough to easily be cut. Trimmed out the shape, drew on a modified pattern (since the overall shape is a bit wider), redrew the pattern in puff paint, let dry, spray painted primer, let dry, spray painted silver, let dry, then aged with black acrylic and drybrushing/wiping away excess in layers. Attached with ShoeGoo and DONE! It really looks so much different in person that it's quite shocking... haha get it? lightning, shocking...yeah, you get it.


FINALLY finished making all of the tiny duck-tape squares for the chainmail. Those all got glued to pieces of foam and inserted into the thighs of some hand-me-down black pants from my sister (I love not having to pay for pieces like that). They have gone through several layers of paint so far though; the straight-chrome tape was way too vibrant compared to the more subtle chainmail Thor has worn in Dark World and Age of Ultron. I have also started cutting some strips of pleather that will outline the chainmail and create a frame for the knee, but I haven't gotten a picture of that yet.


Unfortunately, when I tried on my gorgeous new pants with the shin guards I made, I finally saw how ill-proportioned they actually were. I used too think of a foam in the hopes of saving money and just clasping them over boots that I already own. For a girl, I already have large calves from running on my toes, and this unfortunate mistake just exacerbated that problem. Luckily for me, I did find some nearly-perfect boots, on ebay of course, and hopefully they will arrive before this next weekend so I have something to do.


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