Mad Max Mask (with makeup)

Got bored again last night haha. So, I weathered the "bloodbag mask" and made the tube full of blood weave through the chain and taped the end to my chest. Still hard to believe it's craft foam, velcro, and some jewelry for the chains, plus some aquarium tubing for the IV tube. As per usual though, my facepainting is mirrored to what it should be...always forget to flip stuff around haha.

I decided to try it on with the mud spots that Max has since my hair was already gross from exercising. I knew that he wore a thermal looking shirt in the movie, so I flipped one that I have inside out (to avoid a pattern) and used a spray bottle to hit it with water and give it the sweat/aged look that his has without damaging a good shirt. Played with the contrast and saturation a bit on my phone and in photoshop, but didn't add any pieces or spots; all the grime is just brown and black acrylic paint.


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