Thor: Avengers Age of Ultron Costume - UPDATE 4/7/15

I now have the top all built (main piece which laces in back and a back panel that velcros/snaps/hooks on to cover the lacing) and it has one coat of easycast resin and one of plastidip on it. No disks yet, since the top ones need to be removable so the cape can attach underneath them. Not really sure why I went through the trouble of making the back so dang detailed since it will inevitably be covered by a cape. Unfortunately, I did forget a couple pieces of blue fabric around the belt section, but that should be an easy remedy. All of the other small, subtle fabric pieces still have tape over them, so you can't see them here. Since the top has been painted all one color, it is way more flattering and cohesive. I see now that it was a bit overwhelming when it was white, green, and red with marks all over it haha. A photo of it pre-painted is below to show contrast of before and after prepaint, and to see how many layers of foam are actually on it.


 I also built the shin guards with boot covers attached (seen below with sneakers); they have now been coated with each base layer. The boot cover will perfectly hide laces, so I don't have to buy new boots; I can just wear some black lace up boots I already own and save $40+.



Lastly, you can see that I have started on the cape, pleating and all. That has been a very daunting task since I didn't want to hand-stitch like I normally do. Got everything marked out and pinned now and tested my sewing skills with a hand-held Singer stitcher I got at Walmart. Will take some getting used to, but should be a clean alternative to a messy hand stitch hem on all sides.


to see initial build photos, scroll down


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