Star Lord Final Battle - Test Makeup

Eventually, when I lose about 15 lbs and am no longer self conscious in the costume, I want to have a good photoshoot in my second Star Lord costume. And, when that day comes, I want roughly half the photos to be from the scene (*spoilers) right after Ronan bites the dust. Peter has survived a crash and been nearly ripped apart by the infinity gem, so he's a bit beat up. I'm definitely glad that I did this test run beforehand, because I later realized that looking in a mirror threw me off and the wounds are on the wrong side... I also see areas that I can improve upon and areas that I got right. Practice makes perfect! 

I used lip liner, eye liner, red/tan/black/brown acrylic paints, water, and two paintbrushes. When you're broke, you work with what you have.

Posted it on twitter and tagged my heroes, and my heart nearly skipped a beat when writer/director James Gunn favorited it! Highlight of the month!


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