Holy Grail from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

This project took 4 years 4 days to build.

Goes great with my collection, no? I say 4 years because I have secretly been looking for the perfect base shape for that long. In any store I go in, I would keep an eye out as I walked by anything that would be considered close. Cups, glasses, mugs, chalices, goblets, vases, etc. About a week prior, I had actually given up hope and purchased quick-drying sculpting clay thinking that I would have to make it all from scratch. Next day, I walk into Home Goods and find this beauty for less that $4.

Day 1, sand and sculpt on top of glass, let dry for 2 days. Day 3, dry-brush paint liquid gold leaf on 90% of interior and 10% of exterior. Day 4, use maroon acrylic paint in sporadically and drybrush tan acrylic over that (helps with aged look). This weekend, I will probably sand down some of the very rough areas (like the awful edges on the lip of the grail), touch up the paint, and do a light layer of matte clear coat on top to keep everything in its place, but this project has given me "illumination" and taught me that having patience and keeping my eyes open will be worth it in the end.


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