Ant Man helmet from teaser

So, the teaser came out almost 3 weeks ago, and since then, I have been in overdrive mode to get this thing built. Most of the construction was in the last week (as the first two weeks were spent looking for lighting options).

It's pretty basic stuff: Captain America Avengers 2 mask, thick elastic banding for under-structure, foam pieces on top, a tad bit of ribbed fabric, some clear plastic with red wrapping cellophane for the eyes, and 2 strings of valentine's heart LED's on necklaces for the red lights on the sides.

Here are the basic steps that were taken for it.

 *** and done ***


  1. Hy good morning, i loved the helmet you built, i wanted to ask you how much do you charge for making it?

    1. Sorry, I try to avoid making stuff like this for people. Being that it was basically built around my head, it would be nearly impossible to build it just from measurements alone. Plus, the materials it is made from aren't high quality and may not even make it through the mail without something vital tearing or breaking. I'd be happy to give advice or any help you may need, but it's really not a good idea to try to sell something that I couldn't guarantee someone could be happy with.

    2. In fact, I think that the helmet can be designed the same as movie , I found it in this website :


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