I Guess You Can Keep Your Security Deposit...


I'm pretty sure I won't be getting that payment back when I leave my apartment, especially after my latest project. To be honest, I never noticed how the cheap paint on the counters made the whole place look dated and dingy, never could get it clean enough and the white on the walls never was truly white; it always felt like the whole place had a warm-color-filter over it. Between this and drilling a few holes in the walls for guitar hooks and steel-pipe shelving, I've done what a normal resident does and make the place "lived in."

Anywho, I have an addiction to apartmenttherapy.com. Most of the time, it's just awesome tours of these fancy people living in there New York lofts with great beams or San Fran townhouses that have antique wood flooring (you poor babies). But, sometimes they do remember to post how-to's for people who need to improve an apartment without breaking the bank or their lease. I saw a post about cheap ways to update your countertops. This lady's post made their list, and for good reason. She has perfected how to hand-paint marble! I like to keep the thought "if anyone can do it, I can work hard and do it to!" A lot of times, that turns out pretty decently and, luckily, this is one such occasion. I'll save the time explaining the how-to and just give you her link. She perfected it so all I had to do was copy it EXACTLY! I did test it out on my smaller bathroom counter before doing my whole kitchen. Do wish that I had kept more of the angled lines like she has, but either way, it's still waaaay better than it was. Lots of work, but one makeover that is totally worth the effort. It makes the whole apartment feel more up-to-date, and even feels like the appliances aren't out of place in this kitchen now. It really pops and (if you are allowed to) I definitely suggest it.

Here's her original post:

And here are some process shots of the bathroom and kitchen, this first shot is the sprayed-on, messy "pattern" that was originally on all the counters (they got it everywhere, looks like they didn't even use tape, plus hardly any edges are sealed):



PS, sorry for the dirty dishes =)


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