final Star Lord helmet pictures

Saw the movie tonight, and I swear this movie was made for me: funny but full of action, set in space but a cowboy/bandit-like grit, futuristic yet full of CLASSIC OLDIES SONGS! Plus some dancing :) It's everything I could ever want in a movie! (If you don't agree, keep that to yourself and don't ruin this for me. Like Mom says, "If we all had the same opinions, the world would be a really boring place")

Anyways, yesterday I was watching the trailer, getting pumped, and noticed my gold and silver were a little too contrasty when compared with the darker overall metallic onyx-color. So, I misted over a couple silver shades; I also toned down some metallic scratches and added a slight darkening to some cracks and corners. Plus I found a red pleather jacket I never wore, made it more maroon with some vinyl spray paint, and put on a gray undershirt...this totally pulled the whole look together for these pix! In conclusion, here are new (and hopefully final) photos of the mask/helmet.

*If you didn't see the original process pix, check the post before this one.


  1. This looks great! I am working on a StarLord mask myself, and my plan is to use paper mâché and foldable aluminum netting for the base with thin aluminum sheets on top to make the actual mask! Question is: what did you use? Also, how did you connect the front and the back? I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that exactly.... Again, looks amazing!!! And thanks in advance!!!

    1. I made it out of craft foam and the children's mask from ToysRUs. The foam is hot glued to the mask and one end wraps around the back then attaches with velcro. It isn't perfect in person, but looks great in photos. Other little crafty pieces are used too; straws, sunglass neck-strap tubing, and the eyes are red cellophane/tea strainer/clear packaging plastic. The foam bends around by adding little pleats (make a cut and tuck one end behind the other then hot glue it...lots of hot glue used actually haha. Feel free to hit me up with any questions.


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