Han Solo Holster

I know, I know. Wrong pants, wrong boots, wrong shirt, wrong vest. But this is just part two of the Han Solo look after my blaster. 

I was in the fabric store for a whole 'nuther project and got carried away with the sale prices on this pleather. No, it's not high quality leather, but it is cheaper than buying a pleather version online, can't imagine how much a real leather one costs! The buckles are made of a tupperware cereal holder, the clasps to hold the holster to the belt are cut out of a plastic dealership cartag. The communicator is made of random pieces from Lowe's, the little round piece with holes is the cap of a honey jar, and the back of everything is reinforced with old belts i never wore anymore. I think it's all tied together well with these rivet-things. My technical jargon stinks, but they look like rivets to me. 


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