$4 bathroom makeover

Ever have a rental apartment that would let you paint the walls? Did your extreme laziness and penny-pinching nature prevent you from actually painting the wall? Fret not! Here is your solution:

My unfortunate addiction is looking at apartmenttherapy.com. If you don't want to be eternally jealous of the beautiful loft apartments in San Fransisco or the beautiful New York people who don their two-bedroom rental walls with $3000 paintings and industrial steel shelves, this may not be a site that you ever need to look at. Trust me, you will be on there at least three times a day. Between them and designsponge.com, I have found great inspirations for dealing with my meager apartment. The crates on the wall are actually an idea stolen from these sites, too! I have a tendency to treat these time-absorbing-websites like a JCrew catalog; look at them as a styling guide if you can find the basics of the outfit at a decent price and wear them matched like the models do...don't look at it as something you can actually attain because that outfit with the long wool coat and cashmere sweater with satin pattern pants and the sporty looking watch would take up your whole next paycheck. Anyways, back to the point. I saw other people use sharpies to make wall art like beautiful geometric shapes and eccentric flower patterns; these don't exactly fit my "laid-back" apartment, but I researched and found a pattern that I could emulate without having to spend too much time or make some insane measurements to line up the pattern. Thus, I settle on the simple lines in gold sharpie! The uneven pattern keeps it casual but the gold really helps make it look like a classy, high-cost wallpaper. So, go pick up couple 2-packs of metallic markers at walmart and set aside a few hours; it could be just what you're looking for.


  1. How cool! I saw a few sharpie wall art examples before but would be so scared to follow through with it! This looks amazing thought and not terribly difficult, though looks insanely time consuming!

    For the price though, I would probably actually really enjoy spending hours marking up my walls :)

    Thanks for the idea ;) I'll definitely have to keep it in mind for my next abode!

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