Short Round Hat

This was actually a Christmas gift this year for my brother. He is also an Indiana Jones fan, like I am. I loved the idea of making someone a custom prop gift, and this has Jon written all over it. Vintage-style soft baseball cap, a New York team, pinstripes, and it references Temple of Doom! It would be perfect if Shorty did in fact cheer for the Yankees, but alas this was a tome when they were still the baseball team New York Giants. Later this team moved to California, but the Mets kept the orange and blue colors along with the logo. I actually saved myself a good fifty bucks by finding a Mets logo iron-on patch in an etsy store. I painted it navy blue and hot glued it to the hat. I told him when he was opening it that if he ever didn't want it, I want it back for my own collection of awesome Indy gear.


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