"Nightmare in Silver"

The eleventh doctor gets controlled by some Cyberman tech in this episode and I really liked the tech-look they came up with. I actually made this using a technique I accidentally stumbled upon as a kid. On my art box, I used some of the puff fabric paint to write my name ; after a while it started to peel off and I found that the letters still looked puffy and were still a little bit sticky. I sketched it out and stuck the drawing under the lid of my sewing box so I could see it. In the end, this is pretty much just a puffy paint sticker that I painted with silver spray paint  and weathered with black acrylics. Unfortunately, mine doesn't light up at all.


  1. Thanks for following! I just looked over your blog and can't believe some of the make up and costume designs you come up with! They're amazing!

    1. Thank you! I love all of your travel pictures and especially like how you integrate the type into the photos. Very clean and well done!


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