Malekith the Accursed

I'm a fan of Thor (comic hero, movie character,Hemsworth, namer of Thursdays).
I'm a fan of Christopher Eccleston. 
I liked the new sequel, Thor: The Dark World. 
I spent way too much money on contacts for halloween to just use them once. 

The facts listed above lead me to spend about an hour and a half of my Friday night making myself into Malekith, the villain of the latest Marvel blockbuster. Don't worry, I didn't miss out on any fun plans...apparently this is how I am spending my free weekend time as a working adult with multiple bills to pay.

I really wish I had some kind of headpiece. Also, I'm a nerd, but I am not a big enough nerd that I have elf ears hanging around my apartment. So, a cotton ball to make them stick out a little more was the best  I could come up with other than using some rubber band or bobby pin to shape them into place (which would totally hurt). It is a bit too light compared to Mr. Eccleston, but not bad for a one night project. The look consists of: halloween white makeup on the face and neck, cotton balls and glue to give some texture to the rough side, eye shadow to darken around the eyes, gray/white/black acrylic paint for the rock details, white acrylic paint on the eyebrows and in the hair, and some white-iris contact lenses.


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